The survival of the human and related species

Borriss @_Borriss_ People like critiquing OpenAI for many things..
(no problem)  But the reality is that they’re pushing AI forward.  It’s been 17 months since they launched ChatGPT.  Why didn’t Apple or Google or Meta leapfrog and present an AI assistant first?  If we had to wait for them to…
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Borriss, the problem is that OpenAI is encouraging bad habits, short term thinking, shortcuts, closed methods. Once those are installed in global systems, they will be nearly impossible to find, remove, replace, update. In simple words, they are promoting unsustainable systems.
If they were on the right track, the whole world would have transformed in a few months. Their goals are “the benefit of the few”, but the humans species needs “the survival of the human and related species”.
I liked your post on typing speed, and filed it as one of the many brain computer interface methods. The maximum bandwidth between humans and computer is only limited by hardware network speeds, not the human. Reading data from the human brain is one thing, and useful. But injecting and changing the human stored memories and experiences will happen and it will change entertainment, games, education, the value of humans, all professions and jobs, and the potential of the human and related species.
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