The Heliospheric economy needs Internet from its earliest days

The telegraph was invented and put into use in the 1800’s. From 1850 to now has seen about 40x growth from inflation. That technology enabled wide fast communication. But, when you consider the cost of transportation over solar system (heliospheric) distances, the economy needed is much larger. I saw EM say that 10,000 times larger economy is needed for that scale.
I know that when I trace what growth is possible in every field, if it is based on “all humans and AIs working together”, there are no limits. Only when humans keep fighting “like rats in a box” do things get ugly and slow. Competition restricts growth. It might seem that “challenge engenders creativity”, but that is only for a short race. Longer term requires planning, cooperation, trust, communication.
Now if you had said, $60 Trillion, I would be more impressed. Because then, at “visible part of the global economy” (about $100 Trillion now) scale, the human species is having to cooperate at global and heliospheric scale to do something.
EM get your people to label AI content. If you are going to use Grok in scanning and creating “news”, then clearly identify who is involved and make them accountable. If they do a good job, give a way to say $ Thanks and if they do a bad job or dumb things, then blame and shame them. Without feedback and open comments you will never grow and improved.
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