At truly global scale, it might be only groups with a heart for service will be sustainable

You followed me on Twiiter(X)  solely to sell me your services. And coldly said you will not follow me if I do not follow you. Is that the way you teach others to make connections and build what can be global communities?
Is your aim “Grab whatever you can, grow without limit and for yourself. Do it for greed and self benefit”?
You are NOT “leading in social media marketing”.
( (“social media” “marketing”) OR (“internet” “marketing”) ) has 2.3 Billion entries today. and your site has 8 entries.
At global scale, it is best to start with humility and care for others, not fill yourself with prideful ideas. If you do not care for others, you will NOT be able to know them well enough to help them do their best. Most large companies in the world are failing to grow or shrinking, because they teach their employees and clients to be greedy and only for themselves. They do not listen and they do not keep track of the whole. Not even hot shot consultants have enough money to pay for good reputations which quieter and hard working people can earn by actually helping.
(“grow your internet”) has 652,000 entries
(“search engine optimization”) has 54.3 Million entries
(“internet”) has 24.12 Billion entry points
You say “we are a team” and you do NOT show anyone. You do not show icons for your successful customers, you post icons for credit cards to pay you. I think your priorities are wrong.
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Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
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