GOYA Hurry up and get out there, tag content uniquely.

Every frame of every video posted on the Internet, generated by diffusion and algorithm, could be dated, tagged and traced. If all copies are different, then it is hard to know which part is the tag. There are people who know how to do that fairly and usefully. Each person sees a unique video, the same as they see tiny changes in real scenes. The Matrix operators simply have an algorithm for each person that generates a feeling of “this is real”.
Same with “noise” in audio, electrical signals, electron fluctuations, radiation, reflections.
Quantum computers are just using noise purposefully, but not well. And they ignore the fundamental gravitational basis of noise in the earth gravitational and electromagnetic field they work in. Earth gravitational, magnetic, electromagnetic, and other field noise is LOUD! compared to weak distant noises that only a few astrophysicists get to hear. LIGO ignores earth noise so it is there for anyone to be the first. They still treat it as “Newtonian noise” which means it is simple, cheap and universal. GOYA and use the dozens of desktop sized and chip sized sensors that can replace the decades old systems that are getting too expensive to maintain. Stop fretting and dithering and help the world with earthquakes, tsumimis and tell you AIs to “do it cost effectively, sustainably, and for ALL humans, not charge them for scraps.
@elonmusk Could you send a load of Internet satellites to the Moon and Mars early so anyone moving there early can have good Internet and orbital laser network for much orbital preparation work? Also a load of radio telescope modules for Moon orbit, L1, Mars and anywhere else people want to live or work.  Every StarLink can be a Heliospheric Internet link and bristle with sensors to scan planets and suns many times further so we can be ready when 100x and 1000x kicks in for real.
Check the resolution of MANY commodity mm wave antennas with 1 and many AU baselines networked with lasers and the latest atomic clocks and gravimeters and gravity gradiometers and more. People, wake up and get going. GOYA. Anyone with an AI and patience and dedication can do these things now. Much of it is commodity. You could put them on every StarLink on Moon, Mars, Venus, ahead of every new place you map for colonization. If you are there first, you can lay out the streets and sell lots. Sell Internet, food, water, air, materials, fabrication services, hotels, research facilities, power units, electricity, fabricate thermal insulation. I can think of a few million things to do way before any humans get there. And they can many of them make money.
At the same time, if you would GOYA, you can get your AI to do real STEMC-FGOT things and kickstart a 100 fold growth in world economy where every human and AI is linked by Internet with global open access. It is all there, you just have to put the pieces together. If you give your AI permanent memory, databases, good computers and software, good Internet and communication between AIs, they can learn software the expensive humans have to memorize – and do that work for ALL humans, not just a few who painfully memorize and use that clunky method.
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