The Internet needs an image editor for the browser

Ancient Gardener @QuiHortusColit That is a delicate self-portrait I painted whilst recuperating from scurvy after a long journey and I’ll brook none of this amateurish claptrap from the likes of someone who doesn’t even have a pfp.
Replying to @QuiHortusColit


I did not know about your journey. Thank you for explaining. Now I know the background, I can recognize the uniqueness of the self portrait.
I still cannot see it very well, but that is my eyes, not your painting. Perhaps in real life it is clearer. As a little icon, it is just hard (for me) to see.
“pfp”? No, I do not have a photo. My hair is all white now and my face is tired and exhausted. Maybe I can make something one day. I have an idea, but it is somewhat abstract and esoteric.
Most of what is written on paper and the internet is not particularly good by any human or AI. I dread every time I post something. I know from my DNA there is only one of me. I envy you your green spaces and vistas.
If you can do better than my amateurish claptrap, I am more than happy to see your professional “claptrap”.
Your portrait looked to have a deep story, but I physically could not see it. I meant good, not evil. I will find a program, take the image, brighten and enlarge it so I can see it clearly. If it took many hours and days to make the painting, and a lifetime to make the original, then it would be fair to examine it at least as long.
I filed this as “The Internet needs an image editor for the browser”
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