Translation ids for global open resources. Grok means “to do the whole of things”.

Translation ids for global open resources.  Grok means “to do the whole of things”.
If I search for “the sun” in millions of places on the Internet, I get back a bunch of text and pictures usually and a few videos. On Google (“the sun”) gives 1.02 Billion entry points. But almost none of that is accessible, and almost none of it has been stabilized even to a word level or term level.
Searches COULD provide users with a “translation id” or “query id” where the common search for “the sun” is made into a permanently assigned global id that will be given to you when you search.
Now there is only one English string “the speed of light”. It has equivalents, or ought to, in every living human language. But it is NOT all those strings, aliases, names, attributes, parameters, links and stuff. It is (translation id-“0000000000000001”) and then that is what you actually search. And that is what is the starting point for a global open resource network for all knowledge.
Now I just heard a hundred million voices and movements. Yes, I know it is a lot. I have worked on this for a long time, and know that things can take decades. But you start with a few.
[ I would move parts of Google Search and Google AI out of Google com into a separate open organization.  Gemini is scattered everywhere, but it will grow fastest as an open project, not a football chased about by department heads all chasing bonuses, perks and retirement, whatever they do there.]
It is not hard. EM could do it, but he should stay focused on getting done ONE or TWO main things.
If I search for “remote sensing” that can be assigned a unique translation id – if it has not be searched before – somewhere in the world, in some language.
A person in Bangladesh goes to Google and writes
“আমাকে একটি ভাল কাজ খুঁজে পেতে সাহায্য করুন” which I think means “help me find a good job”.
If no one in the world had ever searched that unique string in Bengali or English or other language before, it could automatically be assigned a permanent unique “translation id”. In real time it can be a starting point ,and it the user asks for updates, they could say “keep me informed. If “neutrino telescopes” changes – that unique translation id in all human languages would be monitored and shared openly, not everyone disconnected.
Right now, every query in each language, is duplicated many time, millions. And those are all treated as different. Those terms are embedded in the logs at the search companies and many of them are driven by advertising, but there are many that are not.
If I were administering a global database, I would work with LLM groups, and put in a few resources to start. The key is to start creating a “global open resource” and just get started with linking all the databases by fewer strings and codes.
Google, Microsoft, Amazon – are powerful but scattering their efforts and are built to NOT help the world. Only to enrich themselves. That is the model of business information systems and management we got from the 1800’s and before. I can show that the human-in-the-loop accounting and corporate systems are an algorithm with finite and traceable rules of operation, and they have no protections to prevent a “corporation” from only enriching a few.
Now Library of Congress is NOT a global open resource. It is owned and operated by the US Congress for its own purposes first, and only casually or not at all for the human species. I did not use their “Authority Lists” for the Internet — mostly because they are slaves to Congress and it only cares about politics. If LOC were a true national resource for the United States, it would be part of an independent agency for global communication and knowledge. I know that it should not stop there. Because when you try to optimize for a few private beneficiaries in the United States as we do now (politics as usual) it will never be allowed to help all countries and all humans.
I am so tired, this is just a placeholder. If Twitter(x) had real tools not leftover buttons, it could have Grok and other groups help make X real. Grok mean “to do the whole of things”.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
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