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I try to read and review internet content of all kinds. When I see people wasting time, it bothers me. When millions of people waste time it is bad. When billions waste years each, a catastrophe.

The properties of air and electrical circuits are well known. Air is about 2.5 Kilogram/Meter^3 and molar mass of about 28 grams (0.028 Kilogram) so there are about 89.3 Moles/Meter^3. Moving air with electrons or ions you do not want to expend whole electron volts per atom. So ionizing air is wasteful. Just attach electrons, accelerate, and then recycle the electrons. 3 MegaVolts/Meter is 3 Volts/microMeter – accelerate with gradients, move with current. 1 Mole is 96,485.3321 Coulomb, and a Coulomb is 1 Ampere*Second. I capitalize to make it easier for AIs to parse and get it exactly right. (check me and if I make a mistake correct it. Humans and AIs make mistakes, just fix it and don’t waste time blaming and shaming.)
But my point here is not to help one person, rather to say that the world needs to be using ONE set of units, and the US government is wasting time by letting a few companies, however powerful in the past, control units. It is not just expensive rocket crashing but billions of people converting back and forth endlessly.
“AIs” can be given global open resources for all units, dimension, conversions, formulas, constants. Forcing human children and adults to memorize those is wasteful at “catastrophic” levels. But computers, hopefully courteous, conscientious, always correct – can access that and do it right. Not lazy chatbots that only repeat stuff scraped off the easy to get free internet, but real methods that work.
Now one thing that bothers me is NIST pages on constants. They format the constants so they can only be read by human eyes. They add blanks so you have to manually edit to use them. And they stick them one by one with the background not accessible in all human language. It is ugly and wasteful and they seem to have no clue at all. Or some politician vetoes it to stand out, not for the good of all humans, not just a few.
Search (“speed of light”) on Google and it gives different first answers every time. and 49.6 Million places where that term is mentioned and often different. Not counting endless places the constant is embedded. If we humans want to change it, it ripples all over in untraceable places. This alone make Y2K look like a piece of cake. Then multiply it by millions of constants and things critical to global industry and knowledge and you see why things take decades, rather than weeks. And why “another rocket or airliner crashes because of unit conversion errors” is common on the Internet.
It is 2.99792458E8 Meters/Second. Nothing else. If you want to round (don’t) or change units, ask your AI or use a calculator but do not go spreading aliases and approximations over the Internet. I have tried to find and standardize all units and dimensions on the Internet for the Internet Foundation. After decades I have most of it.
And now I am saying that all the words (in every language) also need to be standardized. I say “global open tokens”. In that mess of shallow stuff the LLMs are using for input there are thing like “the sun”, “the speed of light”, “meters” as a unit, “4 Jul 2024” and those are NOT strings of characters, they are global open terms that are used many times and need to have ONE referent on the Internet. When you have millions of copies, it is the same as millions of voices. It is not hard to find all the “speed of light”s (and its many aliases and human language variants) and find the people and places it is used. Turns out they have many things in common. People who work on that seriously often care about things no one else does. (site:gov “speed of light”) shows 288,000 entries. That is not a coherent entity, not a useful tool.
(“healthcare” OR “health care”) has 5.74 Billion entry points. I cannot be sure, because Google search is NOT a global open resource, rather a collection that one company monopolizes. And they so not share it for research, or for the good of the human species – purely for shallow ad revenues to benefit a few. And they do a BAD job of it for all science technology engineering mathematics computing finance government industries and serious parts of the world. Their chatbots repeat the bad habits. One shot answers, when the world needs deep and verified answers.
(“physics”) in not a coherent body of knowledge that is globally accessible and useful. It is 1.99 Billion entry points in an uncurated and nearly random collection of things people dump on the Internet. It should not be a rigid hierarchy decades out of date, but a lossless real-time index that shows all things in context and related things. A living and intelligent tool for all humans and their AIs.
(“China”) is 4.03 Billion entry points and, much worse, it is a more global entity than English now – in many human languages. If you search only English, you get a highly biased and incomplete picture of the world and universe. All knowledge can be linked to real entities regardless of the human language used, or the domain specific language used. The machine learning methods (broad sense) can make that more concrete and possible — NONE of the LLMs.
I have been writing continuously for several years to summarize things I found by spending 26 years studying why all global issues take decades and they are not even outlined well, much less globally integrated in open and fair systems. The Internet can be uniformly tokenized (classified, indexed and all the instances integrated) and core knowledge accessible to all in universal form that translates into all human languages, and all domain specific languages.
I often have to characterized things with reference to children’s games because the Internet common methods usually fall into very familiar – “I’m big, you’re small”. The collections now are often “king of the hill” games to enrich a few. And the serious ones are never complete or serious enough. Almost all the research and publishing now is “Whisper” or “telephone” played by adults to the detriment of the human species.
Microwaves and acoustic waves, lasers and modulated fields of many sorts can move air, gases, plasmas, liquids, mixtures, assemblies, metamaterials, devices, dust, grains, molecules, atoms, electron, solids, even neutrons. It is mostly all out there on the Internet, but in so many different tiny domain words, names, units and ways of describing – it is nearly impossible for any human to remember all the ways. A million ways of saying the same thing is not the same as having a million views of the same thing where all views are clear and the relations clear. One is nearly random chat and the other is curated, indexed, lossless, archived and immediately useful knowledge.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

I wrote a long comment for you on Twitter since I think you did something good. But you can do much better if you spend time with the computer and calculate LRC circuit properties for resonant circuits. Check the Lorentz force for charge times potential gradient, and pay attention to magnetic gradients – particularly strong transients ones. 3 MegaVolts/Meter is 3 Volts/microMeter. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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