“Spiritual” and “Science” are also words on the Internet and in all our lives.

Ivan Chocron: Here’s why SCIENCE and SPIRITUALITY aren’t opposites and can be united at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp1UEmrtbyM

(“science” OR “scientific”) has 14.7 Billion entries on Google Search today
(“spirit” OR “spiritual” OR “spirituality”) has 8.96 Billion entries today
(“spirit” OR “spiritual” OR “spirituality”) (“science” OR “scientific”) has 7.5 Billion

In the world every human must deal with 8.1 Billion other humans immersed in a world that has science, spirituality and myriad othere things.

On the Internet and in schools, with present paper methods and memorization, science and spirituality take decades to read about. And neither is ever truly monochromatic (only one color) but rather a complex spectrum of whole lifetimes of experiences and memories – some visual (seen or visualized) , some auditory (heard or synthesized internally) and some felt or smelled or sensed or mixtures of all those.

There are about 5 billion people using the Internet and many of them are spending their lives memorizing things. When we can look on the Internet, we do not have to remember details any more, like “How do I calculate the gravitational field around a person?” but we can look it up. Now it takes humans decades to figure those kinds of things out. But once known and share globally, you an ask a qualified AI or search for it.

(“science”) with 14.32 Billion entry points is nowhere near homogeneous (the same everywhere). If you could look through and map those 14.32 billion things, you will find they are very heterogeneous (mixed and different almost every where),

“science” is fragmented. So is “spirituality” very different everywhere. Just look at the places those words occur separately or together.

Any group of individuals might learn to talk and work together no matter their background. Even the hundreds of human languages can be translated now. And the millions of “subject matter” or “domain specific” or “local” sets of words can be translated.

My Dad always talked to everyone, no matter their background or “status” or moment in life. He respected them as humans and individuals first, in their context. And the for the short time we humans have with others, he would talk to them, trying to understand them as whole being and whole life experiences, including their futures. I think that is why he spent much of his life teaching and helping to set up schools. He worked with NASA, Bureau of Standards, the US Airforce, the US Navy, and other places. Where there were lots of people in technical jobs, he would try to give them a better understanding of things – to make better decisions, to be whole persons, to attempt and do more. And with courtesy and respect for all. Thinking about it, he was a lot like his Mother, my paternal grandmother, who set the tone and worldview for our family in many ways,

“Spiritual” and “Science” are also words on the Internet and in all our lives.

Richard K Collins

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