Colonizing Titan, Colonizing Deserts, Giving AIs to tens of millions to do trillions

Desting: Let Me Explain Why It Would Be Preferable To Colonize Titan Instead Of Mars at

The deserts on Earth are a lot closer; would benefit humans and related DNA species immediately. And, planet Earth in the long run. People are planting billions of trees, but still not in a sustainable manner. You want to spend 1000s of trillions of dollars, when billions here can have larger impact. Even 1 person now can change the world, just by persistence. A million humans devoting an hour a week is about $32 * 52 = $1.664 Billion a year, and that can move mountains or green deserts. You provide AI assistance and let the humans use the AI all the time, and they pay for it with time where the AI can use human input and discussion to keep them on track. Enabling humans, you can put a few 10 Million of them to plan every tiny detail and alternative for Titan, Mars, Moon, Venus, asteroids, moons, and heliospheric exploration and expansion generally. With solar system wide baselines, the resolution for distant things makes all the “big” telescopes of earth look like crackerjack toys. I do like what you are trying to do, but you can do much more, and actually do things, not just show pictures and talk about them. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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