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Hi Laura,

Questions for your Angels:
What would you consider the most time consuming but necessary part of finding birth parents with DNA? I am particularly interested in what you say about using Ancestry DNA.
What DNA and online tools “work” best?
Are you using AI tools yet to build the pedigrees, find and connect trees, records and DNA matches?
What could you do to help people who take DNA, know their parents, but do not know how to build a tree or use DNA?

About 1-2% of the tens of millions taking DNA tests are adopted or NPE or donor conceived. I think 30 million tests or more. About 300,000. Most every person taking a test will have some missing parent problems in their list of DNA matches.

I was expecting to see a longer list of Angels. I could not find your IRS 990 nor “Annual Report”

The reason DNA testing slowed down is because Ancestry is not automatically filling in the trees of ordinary people taking tests. And it is not helping families form descendant groups where everyone can be added pretty much from when they get their results. And that includes Mayflower, DAR, SAR and countless deep ancestor descendant groups, and a more formalized DNA circles that should have developed.

You pastel purple on light gray probably violates ADA requirements for readable text on a website/

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Debra, Celia, Waynette

I respect you three for what you do and how you go about it.  So if you have a moment, perhaps you can comment on this note I sent to Laura.  There seem to be 16 Angels now and they are working on and solving donor conceived, NPE and adoption cases.  Hundreds? a year. For their contact and extended services they are charging $125 an hour. They use Zoom for weekend support groups. Their IRS 990-N (postcard) was 2020, they are not rated as a charity really.

I have also talked and worked with groups in the past:

  • DNADetectives on Facebook
  • DNA for the Donor Conceived (DNA Detectives) on Facebook
  • AncestryDNA Matching on Facebook
  • Ancestry DNA Birth Family on Facebook
  • DNAGedcom.com  – they have useful tools you might want to look at
  • https://dnaadoption.org/

( “birth parents” “DNA” ) shows 231,000 entry points today.
( “”DNA genealogy” ) shows 153,000 entry points today

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