Impacts of prizes

Dr. Amelia Rotaru @AmeliaRotaru
What a day! 🌪️ Thrilled to be among the 5 recipients of Denmark’s Eliteforsk awards, presented by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark & the Danish Minister of Education and Research. #Eliteforsk #Denmark DK has been kind to me.

I often think about the impact of prizes on the countries, companies, groups, individuals, and organizations that give them. And on humans in a global society where prizes too often focus scare human resources on things that might not be the best to spend time on.

Maybe a dedicate group of AIs and humans could gather and curate, organize and share (‘impacts” “prizes”) with the whole world and make it a permanent node that keeps improving.
( ‘impacts” OR “impact” ) ( “prizes” OR “prize” ) has 482 Million entry points today. Your people all think about pieces of it. So do millions of others who give prizes. Now it is possible to distill the whole of what is on the Internet, in paper and human memories – to see if the collective wisdom of all has any guidance – for fairness, global efficiency, and the needs of the givers, receivers, and the others never considered but perhaps affected.
Ask your AIs to put this in formal language if you like. ChatGPT seem to do an OK job, but does not have access to the living Internet, nor copyrighted materials.
(Your AIs ought not use copyrighted materials, since no AI is citing sources yet in open formats.)
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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