Standardizing the Semiconductor Manufacturing Backend

Too Much Fab And Test Data, Low Utilization by Anne Meixner at

Anne,  I am preparing for a seminar today (22 Feb 2024) titled, “Standardizing the Semiconductor Manufacturing Backend”. When I was reading the background on the presenters, this article of yours, “Too much fame and test data, low utilization” was a good resource. I try to deal with all data on the Internet for all issues and new opportunities. I had a boss one time who used to say, “We’ve got to get our duck in a row first”. But the usual course, in ALL industries and organizations on the Internet is “Do it, grab as much easy money as we can, then figure out what we are doing later”.

But global needs for 8000 Million humans now (and related species) means one-shot answers are not sufficient (I am trying to encourage the AI groups to use open methods so they can be trusted with life-critical systems).

Thanks for your hard work and insights.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Sorry for the typo — “too much fab and test data”. You need “edit” and “save” LOL! All online conversations need to be in global open formats for humans and AIs.

Richard K Collins

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