One way “publishers and readers” is out of date

Emily Waltz @EmWaltz  The world’s first commercial-scale ethanol-to-jet fuel plant has begun producing its first gallons of aviation fuel. The plant is part of a larger scheme to eventually make jet fuel from microbes. @NatureBiotech @LanzaTech @LanzaJet
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Dear Nature, Serious global issues require serious global effort by many open collaborators. One way “publishers and readers” is out of date and becoming dangerous to global society. Half efforts distract. Too many shallow efforts distract dangerously.
The OpenAI ChatGPT Plus 4.0 comment on my post is clear and correct:
Your post conveys a call for a collective and significant effort from global communities to address serious global issues, emphasizing that the traditional one-way communication model where publishers disseminate information to passive readers is outdated and potentially harmful to global society. You suggest that such a model leads to insufficient engagement and contribution, implying that it may hinder the collaborative efforts needed to tackle complex global challenges effectively. Furthermore, you point out that partial or superficial efforts, rather than deep and meaningful collaboration, can dangerously divert attention and resources away from essential actions. Your message advocates for a more interactive, inclusive, and deep-rooted approach to global collaboration and problem-solving, moving beyond mere consumption of information to active participation and contribution by all stakeholders.
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