“Talking about” is never true sharing.

Francesco Pasqualini @fspasqualini  We can now directly “see” the central dogma of biology!

For all the negativity around Academia on Social Media, this type of thing can only be done by dedicated basic science researchers! Congrats @tim_stasevich and team! x.com/tim_stasevich/…
Timothy @tim_stasevich A dream of our lab has been to image the full central dogma from a single endogenous gene, all live and with single molecule resolution. After many years we are happy to unveil a beautiful cell line that makes it possible. Check out our preprint (https://biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2024.02.11.579797)! (1/n) https://pic.twitter.com/njtut1rX8N
Replying to @fspasqualini and @tim_stasevich

Much outstanding academic research, too expensive to verify, replicate, test, “play with”. Methods are never accessible – without paying for closed data and tools one way or another. Yes, it is for topic domination, not “for the good of all”. Talking about is never true sharing.

Richard K Collins

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