Nor does any AI group distill and apply wisdom from STEMC-FGOT, APL craze

Dan Roy @roydanroy  Great observation.…
Anand Bhattad @anand_bhattad
Even Sora doesn’t know projective geometry!
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The developers and trainers of Sora do not know and understand projective geometry. Nor does any AI group distill and apply wisdom from STEMC-FGOT. Science Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Computing, Finance, Government, Organizations, Topics management.
Scabbing free low hanging untraceable stuff from the Internet simply will not converge to real knowledge, without significant effort to process, understand, apply and verify the real source material or the real world. Stealing words about things is not wisdom, nor is it efficient for the human species.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Leo Boytsov @srchvrs  Fun fact about Python. You can use a sum function to flatten nested lists. l=[[‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’], [‘1’, ‘2’], [‘#’]] sum(l, []) Result: [‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘#’]
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Leo, you are much too young to remember the APL, Lisp, Mathematica, regedit and other crazes. Saving a few keystrokes for you, to show off, does not translate to 8 Billion humans working together, surviving, and living lives with dignity and purpose. Do not set a bad example.
Richard K Collins

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