At least try to make a 3D digital twin version.

Danielle Beckman @DaniBeckman  Happy #FluorescenceFriday! There is a forest inside your head Neurons & microglia!
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In my forests the molecules and electrons, the water molecules and salts are intelligent and help me remember and interpret local and global flows. In my forests there are no vacuums, voids or empty places. In my forest there are 30 more powers of 1000x for zoom or expand, plus queries and user written validations. You can label much deeper and use something besides a lossy image format. You can animate and model and twin this forest so it is alive and works the way the real thing does. Pretty does not last, sometimes knowledge does. At least try to make a 3D digital twin version. It is not hard, just tedious. In 60 years you will be happy you tried.
Yes I am happy you are momentarily happy looking at something you found. I find it beautiful and satisfying. But it is momentary. Same looking at pretty pictures of galaxies. You are not responsible for making the forest or the galaxy. Sharing the instruments, data and visualizations is hard. Most groups are not even trying. Pretty pictures do not last, but digital twins might if all humans and AIs can use them for global purposes.
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