Monitoring early warning signs of earthquakes

Times of India: Did Birds Sense the Japan Earthquake? | THESE Videos Showcase Their Unexplained Behaviour at

Measure across all frequencies from microHertz to MegaHertz for acoustic (infrasound, audio,and ultrasound), magnetic, electric, currents, electron density, electromagnetic and gravitational sensor networks. Pay attention to birds all the time. Pay particular attention to under 20 Hertz, but don’t leave anything out. While the gravitational signals are very high frequencies in the XUV and soft x-ray, their power levels vary at all frequencies. I expect birds can hear high frequencies, their bird calls are higher frequencies than human speech. Monitoring natural sounds bird calls are easy to spot in what are called “waterfall displays”. Lost of machine learning tools out there now because of the excitement about AIs.  The software defined radios now are inexpensive as are high sampling rate analog to digital ADCs with low noise pre-amplifiers. The “trick” is to run continuously and to use area and global correlation networks to find and characterize all the natural sources. You can probably provoke that behavior in birds by transmitting on their normal communication frequencies and add powerful low frequency “earthquake, volcano, and storm and magnetic disturbance signals. It birds are near a loud but safe earthquake area, they probably ignore it, telling themselves, “Oh there it goes again.” The gravitational sensors picked up the Japan earthquake as a speed of gravity (exactly the speed of light) signal. But the ones now are all low sampling rate and hard to get good correlations, direction and to image. Many dozens of ways to measure gravity and to follow these kinds of signals now, but it takes a lot of people working together to puzzle it out, and most people simply won’t do that.

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