Atomic and Nuclear Data for space based atomic and nuclear industries


That is a good site for magnetic moments.  I had worked with that a bit, but now you reminded me, I will spend more time.  I was working on gamma ray transitions earlier today, and the atomic and nuclear states are hard for many people to understand.  So I am trying to get that organized a bit.

When I look at “nuclear and atomic data” on the Internet, I see tens of thousands of groups all working on the same basic things, but never connecting globally. Everyone is stuck at “Nuclear and Atomic Data 101” and never gets past that.  I am NOT talking about the few who actually get jobs in those industries, but the millions who are interested, and do not know how to get started. When you help new industries get started, that has huge long term impacts on human society.

The space industries CANNOT survive without nuclear and atomic methods.  The chemical energy densities are too expensive and too heavy to be economic in space. Right now, groups are satisfied to take days to get to Moon or months to get to Mars. But the solar system is LARGE and getting from one end to the other “puttering along at 0.1 C” still takes a week.  When people need to replace something on Mars they cannot wait for years. If your power system on Moon goes out, you have hours not weeks.

Note that we say “Mars” not “the Mars”, so I am going to always say “Moon” and not “the moon”.
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