China should create permanent stations in Moon orbit now and StarLink for the Moon, “First city ready for humans”

DongFang Hour:  China’s Plan for a CREWED Lunar Landing in 2029 at

I would be much more impressed if they would send a permanent station to Moon orbit now, have some crew stay in rotations of a few months. Send rovers and instruments down to the surface operated by crew in orbit. Get Elon Musk to send one load of StarLink satellites to Moon orbit to provide Moon wide Internet for orbiting stations (laser linked) so you can work anywhere in orbit to anywhere on the surface. Operate earth moving equipment, construct facilities, process materials, send samples back to orbit, install power systems, install solar cells. What a waste to send humans to the surface and back. You can get the station quickly now and have humans working there for years before sending humans to the surface for bragging rights. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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