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Dr. Ryan French @RyanJFrench If you’re interested in a deeper dive into solar flares (more than a twitter thread could provide), my new book is out now in the UK & Europe, and available to preorder everywhere else ☀️
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In the US, the book will not be available to order until 19 Sep 2023 at Amazon. A few pages are shown. There is a lot of information on the Internet+books about the sun, will a book help? Does Ryan have a YouTube channel? Where is he going? A robot will check if you are human.

Comcast @comcast During a trip to Houston, we volunteered alongside employees, surprised families with laptops & announced a $150K grant to help close the digital divide for hundreds of Houstonians. Check out our visit to ‘The Big Heart’. #ProjectUP
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About 8 Billion humans now, roughly 5 Billion with some access to the Internet. Billions with none. Usable answers, training, jobs, resources, food, housing, safety, the basics. About 0.34 Billion live in the USA. 0.03 B in Texas. Suggest you focus on “find and help the helpers”.

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