Gravitational time of flight methods – retarded potentials, relativistic corrections for finite speed of light and gravity

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When calculating the vector tidal gravitational acceleration at a three axis gravimeter station on Earth, it is necessary to use “time of flight” methods. The sun and moon positions from JPL ephemeris for the time when the signal began – working backwards for speed of light and gravity – must be used. Luckily JPL Horizon automatically corrects for what the observer sees.  If you derive the special relativity relations, they are including a fixed speed of light constraint. So rather than “contractions” and extra visualizations, just use “time of flight”. I do not like the term “retarded potential”. But it means “use the field values from sources when they would have been emitted based on time of arrival and a fixed speed of propagation. And keep track of speed in the media.

Now there are many analog to digital converters (ADCs ) at Mega and Giga Samples Per Second (Msps, Gsps) that allow time of flight detectors and data gathering. Many “time of flight cameras” now. The radar equation, much of interferometric and correlation methods where the detectable element is moving at the speed of light and gravity is well understood and sometimes affordable now.

Gravitational correlation imaging uses natural changes in the gravitational potential that propagate at “the speed of light and gravity” and can be detected by changes in the local gradient of the potential with gravimeters and gravity gradiometers and other detectors – to look inside Earth, Sun, Moon, oceans, atmospheres and fields.  Those methods are “gravitational time of flight methods”.

You really need to get off the blackboard and put your symbolic equations into formats that can be globally shared and verified by computer. The 5 Billion humans using the Internet now, many 10s of millions can follow your logic, but they mostly would rather use it, and let the computer step through the symbolic manipulations and calculations. There is no glory in doing things by hand. Let the computer do it and then Billions can follow and use what you create.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation (23 Jul 2023 was the 25th Anniversary of the Internet Foundation)

You might enjoy “Quantum enhanced non-interferometric quantitative phase imaging” by Giuseppe Ortolano and others. Most of the “quantum” communication methods can be adapted to gravitational and electromagnetic time of flight imaging arrays. I recommend ALL groups doing sensitive “quantum” detection run their experiments for many days then check if they can pick up the vector sun moon acceleration signal. Its is very precise, easy to measure and works underground and under the ocean as or more precisely than GPS/GNSS. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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