If you want to sell something electronically, you are required to identify yourself, your products and team

This is common, for me to get unsolicited emails from individuals saying they are from India and can do “anything” on the web.


Tell everyone from India, that no one will be interested in a “website development” group from anywhere that does not have a website, domain and clear examples of their work. And their “Team”.

If you cannot afford your own, start an “IndiaWebGroup.Org” to find and encourage groups to do better – for their customers, their supporters, their country, and the human species. Teach everyone “from India” how to do world class work on the Internet.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

About: Richard K Collins

Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

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