Superconductors are modifying the local gravitational potential and shaping it. Magnetic Flux Pinning

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I am fairly certain that the “fluid” you are stirring with no internal friction, is the gravitational potential field itself. A super critical fluid made up of magnetically bound pairs much smaller than the electron. At the surface of the earth the gradient of the gravitational potential field (its change from place to place) is what gives the gravitational acceleration. In a separate comment, I explained that the strong nuclear force can be modeled to first approximation by magnetic dipole forces that reach “nuclear” levels when the distance is small (picometers, femtometers).

The mass of a particle of an ideal gas at 300 Kelvin (the surface of the earth) where the speed of the particle is the speed of light and gravity (the speeds are identical) is about 0.025 electron volts. The CoData electron mass is 510,998.950 electron Volts. So there are several million of these particles for each electron. The field of the electron can be visualized as the flow, density, and action of these particles. This super fluid. This supercritical fluid.

The earth’s gravitational potential field is intimately mixed with the earth magnetic potential field. It is not coincidental that magnetic levitation is the “go to” method for levitating, balancing or exceeding the earths gravitational acceleration field.

The magnetic field and the gravitational field, in many situations, are interchangeable and exactly connected. If you set the magnetic energy density equal to the gravitational energy density, and simplify, then

g = B*sqrt(4*pi*G/mu0) where mu0 is the “vacuum magnetic permeability”

sqrt(4*pi*G/mu0) = sqrt(4*pi*6.67430E-11/1.25663706212E-6) = 0.02583466662 meters/second^2 per Tesla

sqrt(mu0/4*pi*G) = 38.708 Tesla/(meter/second^2)

B = g*38.708 Tesla/(meter/second^2)

B = (9.8 meters/second^2) * 38.708 Tesla/(meter/second^2) = 379.3384 Tesla

This is rough because you need to rewrite the Maxwell equations and add terms for the gravitational and magnetic potential. And at nuclear sizes and energies, you have to use a full multipole expansion of some sort, like nonlinear Schrodinger wave functions.

When the magnetic field reaches the critical field of about 380 Tesla, magnetic and gravitational potential fields are essentially the same. But you have to make precise models and measurements and use new kinds of instruments to create the fields and control them. I am working out what kind of generators could replace the SpaceX “Booster” and lift their StarShip from Earths surface to orbit. Dynamic fields are much cheaper, so magnetic induction at high frequencies is a good way to move things, which is why magnetic induction is part of motors, generators. Superconductors are modifying the local gravitational potential and shaping it.

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