Comments and questions for Facebook InTheSkyOrg and In-The-Sky.Org

All the material you post here. Is it also on your website? Can you index and organize it? If you post the same item several times, can you keep things together?

You have good tools on your site, but they can be improved. There is no standard best practices form for easy and traceable feedback. You have algorithms that could be shared with all astronomy groups in the Internet. Never use PDF, it is a locked proprietary format where none of the content is accessible. There are good html equivalents now.

What do you think you should be doing to improve “in the sky” on the Internet?

Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

About: Richard K Collins

Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

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