What do State Representatives get paid to do? Does anyone hold them globally accountable?

Tomorrow We Vote:  What Do State Representatives Actually Do? – TWV University (Lesson 2) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRqe9cyxIDI

It would be a lot of work, but I think it would be a good exercise in government to ask “What do the State Representatives of all States in the United States do? What are they paid to do? Since they get paid a per diem, what are those hours and days spent doing? Does any of it actually help people? Is any of it even recorded? If things are learned, where is that knowledge? A global open resource site can have a list of all people working in government representatives jobs, with links to what they have done and are doing. What they hope to do, or plan to do. My State Representative just invited her friends and family to a circus. Even grade school kids (and their parents) can share links and others can help organize and index it. I bet some use AI tools to make it accessible as a body of knowledge about all issues, all programs, all things. Sorry, after 26 years every day studying the Internet, I am tired of “education as entertainment and fun”. Thank you, but you talk too fast, and did not teach how to monitor and verify what they do, or ought to do. Part of the job of citizens is to gather and share.

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