Trash in the oceans is a global issues and all involved can be traced

This is a global issue and can be a global collaboration. ( “derelict trap removal” ) has only 1580 entries. (“trap removal” “marine”) has 13,100 entries.

(“fishing gear” OR “fishing nets”) (“abandoned” OR “derelict” OR “lost” OR “discarded” OR “dumped”) has 5.26 Million entries and it is growing.

There are hundreds of human languages on the Internet and many countries and groups.

(“渔具” OR “渔网”)(“废弃” OR “遗弃” OR “丢失” OR “丢弃” OR “倾倒”) (simplified Chinese) has 752,000 entries.

(“artes de pesca” OR “redes de pesca”) (“abandonados” OR”abandonados” OR “perdidos” OR “descartados” OR “dumping”) has 760,000

For every topic on the Internet, you can use simple methods like this to find where the effort and issues exist. The US gov domain is NOT the leading domain on the Internet for sharing.

I did not try to map the main terms or look at the top 100 human languages. And even more so, there are tens of thousands of domain specific languages where details and studies of scientific, technical, engineering, mathematical, computer (internet and AI and sharing) financial and economic, government (local state regional country), topic and issues and disasters and emergencies – emerge and form their own global networks.

The Center for Coastal Resources Management could – with a small number of people and systems – map and share near real time the whole of “oceans” or “coastal” or “coastlines”. Which is expanding rapidly because of climate change. With climate change and flooding and more and more powerful storms and heat islands, any partial or “every group trying to do it alone” is going to fail – BADLY.

( site:gov OR site:US ) ( (“fishing gear” OR “fishing nets”) (“abandoned” OR “derelict” OR “lost” OR “discarded” OR “dumped”) )

has 69,000 entries. That is NOT integrated. And it is fragmented and incomplete and duplicating efforts. But you cannot just let a few contractors or government funded groups do it. They simply have nothing invested. They get paid no matter what and are not usually themselves directly affected. Find the millions directly involved, the hundreds of millions directly affected and the billions who – when you trace the whole – are affected and who likely can help. If you help, not try to do it all your self for a few tiny parts of the world – alone.

( “trash” “oceans” ) has 6,570,000 entries

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