a change in priorities toward real needs of humans and all things

3Blue1Brown: The most unexpected answer to a counting puzzle at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEfHFsfGXjs

M2 = n21*M1, clacks21 = Int(pi*sqrt(n21))? But the wall is M_zero and that has to be infinite. So a linear three body problem ought to examine where the wall is not infinite in mass too. The world needs solutions, not problems and you ought to just share the simulations. Let others contribute, and share the whole with the world by a lossless AI (perfect memory of the whole) – using global open sharing methods, fair to all. So if all humans are equal, each would have about Int(pi*sqrt(8.1E9)) = 282,743 clacks with the rest. I did not try to get it right, just suggesting a change in priorities toward real needs of humans and all things, not just more demos. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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