Noise experiments, Global collaborations and sharing, lower the cost of deep education for all

Deepak Marwal: galvanometer mirror & johanson noise in electric devices | Examples of brownian motion | thermal phy at

At 0:10 it is “sedimentation” and “gradient with height” and at 0:16 it is “Johnson noise in electric devices”.  Even if you have no equipment, you can simulate it and get help from your friends to animate so it is near perfect. Share in your whole country to lower the cost and improve the quality of online learning experiences. Real data, real models, good practice for statistics and machine learning. Do NOT be satisfied with only telling about things, do them yourself and share with the world. You are very young, in 6 or more decades one person, alone, can change the world.

On Wikipedia it is “Johnson–Nyquist noise” Get a few places in your country (or the world) to run “Brownian mirror galvanometer experiments” continuously for decades. You should eventually make it sensitive enough to correlate with weather, seismic, with magnetic fields, and with gravitational potential and gradient fields (vector tidal from sun and moon), infrasound, and much satellite and regional data from new networks.

I suggest Franck-Hertz as well. Build global communities to go as deep as you can, and you should find that all that “quantum noise” is a mixture of magnetism, electromagnetism, gravitational (potential flows and local gradients)the electromagnetic field of the earth, and signals from the solar system and the universe. Looking carefully at the very small, and tiny, over long time, from various site on earth and the solar system – for decades and centuries will be a good way to share exploration and careful methods. Please do not get proud and greedy.

If you put $Thanks one day, people can more easily thank and encourage. Help Bangladesh and other countries. The potential of all humans is the same. Their paths in life might be different but their core humanity is the same. There are poor people in the United States, in Europe, China, Africa – in every country. And many “rich” countries and organizations who become too proud to listen and share and learn. I have always felt bad about Bose and the way he was treated, but also how he acted. Most of the universities in the world have the wrong goals and methods now. That is why I say not to chase prizes and false goals. I think Bose was cheated because he followed fame, not his heart.

If you create and expand new fields, then there will not be competition doing completely new things. You will only be limited by your willingness to share most effectively. Do not waste billions of human years of your country’s capabilities fighting and arguing. Rather pick good things, do them well and see what happens. milli is yielding to micro, to nano, to pico and femto. There is not a lot of competition there, if you do not waste time on games and entertainment, fame and money.

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