Human lives should not serve systems, rather systems serve humans lives

Bogdan A @parseb Agree. My only point being that:
Nothing living thrives on information alone.
Sustenance and goal directness is what life yearns for. Information is just a quantum hammer. (excuse the use)
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Bogdan, The information in a human memory, or in many computers or forms, is just part of an infinite universe over infinite time. At least in my conception of human knowledge. Just the information in the brains and records and works and impacts of the 8.1 Billion humans now is large, but not infinite.

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Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

I know that I yearn for knowledge for at least two reasons – because I grew up right next to the cold war and the space race. And because my parents valued learning and knowledge of all things.
We grew up praying for the whole world every day. And the only way I could ever hold someone in mind to pray for them, was to visualize them in perfect detail, all that I knew about them. If you pray for millions of people in a famine, where there are floods and conflict, and a world where many countries are interconnected. Just one prayer can take a lot of effort and information. So I tend to say “digital twin” now and “quantitative lossless complete models at global scale”. Because those are the problems I worked on the last six decades.
I do understand your effort to emphasize caring, awareness, values, judgement, wisdom, morals, equity, fairness, empathy, love, and many such virtues. Not just “information technology” to make money or gain fame.
I registered “” just to remind myself that intelligence and caring, purpose, meaning and dignity – come first, then the algorithms, methods and steps we take.
It is hard for me to talk to strangers. All I can do mostly is to do my best each time I write, and hope it all works out somehow.
Richard K Collins

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