Most things now can be precisely modeled and scheduled, and sold as services

Physical Review Letters @PhysRevLett Stress propagation in active solids induces spontaneous actuation of floppy modes without exciting vibrational modes
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Frequencies and directions and timings can be precisely modeled. Whether in solids, liquids, gases or plasmas. I am not sure why you treat it as something unusual. You decide what you want to use, what modes to grab, then you program it and the computer makes it happen. Information is a form of energy and time saved. I just hope you use it for the good of all, not more “look what we can use for our own benefit only”. When you use fields (no obvious strings attached) so things move precisely as programmed, and produce motions, velocities, accelerations, jerks and higher derivatives. That is not not magical or “anti-gravity” – just good information and model management. Work out the gravitational potential and velocity changes and energies needed to get the SpaceX second stage to its initial height, direction and velocity. Model the acoustic, flow and electromagnetic fields needed, and you do not need the second stage. Ground based or and remote field generators with frequencies, directions and timings to do the job.

When you have a specific job to do, life can be simple, no matter how many bytes, Joules, Watts, Watts per meter^2, or 100s of metric tons. You need engineering. And all of (physical-, technological-, mathematical-, computer-, financial-, government-, organizational-, data-, social-, and many other prefixes can be applied to “engineering”. Some problems might need “run the models for a trillion hours”, but that has specific costs, that can be budgeted, planned, prescribed, scheduled, and today: contracted, rented, designed and prepared to order. And the whole of all impacts considered. Stop forcing humans to do that, and tell your computers to work it out themselves. And not gouge you and others for the solutions to things that were difficult or impossible yesterday — but are now routine and straight-forward.

Air has very specific states and vibrational modes. The rotational-vibrational, rotational-translational, floppy-rotational, electronic, magnetic, and stress modes of billions of nano-regions can be grabbed by their states. Tiny materials can be tuned just like the old days when transistor materials were made, tested, classified and sold according to the properties they have, even when what you make is not exactly what you planned. Lots of things work very well, even when they are not planned. Characterize them at all scales, post the properties clearly, do not make everyone guess. Do not exaggerate or lie. 3D printing a rocket motor is not unusual, it is simply a service that can be provided, that now has a global and later a heliospheric market. Many times now trading services is much cheaper than using money.

Use your “floppy modes” to serve the human species, not for evil.

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