Fusion reactions with vector magnetic potentials

Javier Robledo Moreno @JRobledoMoreno
1/ Thrilled to share our new results : we perform chemistry calculations on problem sizes beyond exact diagonalizations using our Heron processor assisted by the Fugaku supercomputer. https://arxiv.org/abs/2405.05068 https://pic.x.com/vqsiqr7y9f
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Please try it on fusion reactions with vector magnetic dipole and quadrupole potentials at close distances (femtometers).  Nonlinear Schrodinger ought to be easy for you. — Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

I am really tired, femtometers. It is a fun problem. All the “good” fusion reactions are magnetic dipole potentials, then you need a full model for close. Pay attention to 100% isotopes where only one isotope is stable. Unstable ones down to nanoseconds should be considered candidates too. Because those can be automated. Probably femtoseconds where quantum control will be faster (analog). Aim precisely and that greatly reduces your chance of missing because the conditions for fusion by speed and direction are so very very precise. Like I say it is a good problem because it requires perfecting many useful skills and methods that can be used in many industries. The dipole and quadrupole are first approximations to the full nonlinear dynamic potential. Trying to “use forces”, I could not get to work; so I just minimize the potential. The neutron star models might actually work for the close nonlinear part. It is all the same matter and energy and high energy densities ad equations of state. Skip over quarks and go directly to gluon plasma and include gluon condensation. I have had fun with it for about 45 years now. Really good problems are rare.

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