What is the purpose of the Semi Foundation? What should it be doing?

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What is the purpose of the Semi Foundation? What should it be doing? There are about 780 Million humans in the world over 65. There are roughly 8.1 Billion humans now. Please try to consider and protect users of things that SEMI produces in the world (semiconductors and SEMI is a visible part). SEMI is a global effort that affects all humans.

Please try to look at the needs of all humans, not just the ones who could be workers. What are the things that would help most to teach the next several generations, so they can live in a world with true AIs? Where most of the controls of world’s infrastructure and knowledge is locked in computers and devices. Where mistakes by one small group of humans choosing knowledge that seems “right” to them can block or harm hundreds of millions? Such things are already routine now.

A small group at Google decides to experiment with a new way of summarizing knowledge. Twitter puts “news” on their site with no public oversight. Proclaimed AIs are trained on only a fraction of knowledge. Search sites are not translating to all human and domain specific languages (STEMC and others) so only a few are favored or informed. There are millions now working to create new devices, materials and processes that affect SEMI. But SEMI seems to have no open and clear ways to find, gather, curate and organize it for all.

These are just off the top of my head. A comment.

There is no effective way to have public discussion on Twitter(X) that allows covering the core elements of any issue or opportunity completely and fairly; and to summarize and share the results. Improving continuously over time for decades.  Built to learn and be fair to all.

The world needs better sensors, devices, processors, memory and and algorithms – but the sharing of that knowledge should not be locked and controlled by a few, and billions excluded by hidden decisions and choices.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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