Good people are hard to find, mostly their companies have bad global Internet methods

@elonmusk You might want to have someone from your brain human interface group check out Elisabeth Steel is presenting on Biohybrid Sensing Systems for Volatile Organic Compounds. Her LinkedIn is
UES is at @UESIncDayton. They follow things their web person chooses, and do not link to their employees on Twitter(X). That is probably why Elisabeth and others are forced to use LinkedIn and pay money for posting. is where Elisabeth and her group work. I cannot read their page, it does not meet ADA standards for visual contrast. But it seems to have some old postings about what the UES, Integrative Health & Performance Sciences/ Sensors, Biotechnology, Omics and Analytics section is doing.
Like most organization sites on the Internet, it does not follow any standard for presenting “About”, “Teams”, “Staff”, “Products”, “Services”, “Contact”, “Feedback”, “Collaborate”, “cookies”, “stakeholder”, “mission”, “vision” and all the basic business processes of a website for a group. “pretty” and “cute” websites built by web makers usually do a bad job of mapping functions and processes. I think there is a good balance, but it takes a lot more effort than “throw something on the web”.
Here is the only page I found that references Elisabeth at UES.
Twitter(X) has no standards for connecting humans with organizations – employees, or other associations.
I track many organizations and all technologies for the Internet Foundation. I could not find SEMI.Org on Twitter(X). You need a “search by domain name” and “search for human” and “search by company” – a complete query language — that fits with global queries. People, Places, Products, Objects, Dates. I did run across @semifoundation which has a good “following” list.
Every time I use Twitter(X), I dread searching for anything or anyone or any topic. The reason I say “Twitter(X)” is I feel it is just a few tweaks on the old Twitter and nothing fundamentally changed in the very narrow “chat” concepts of Twitter.
I expect you know why brain computer interface is important, and NON-invasive methods are needed. I have followed that for 58 years now. I would like to see it working before I die.
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I had to write to you because your X has no map or structure in standard form.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
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