Human-forming deserts and deserted places on Mars, Moon and Earth

Why go to Moon or Mars when there are vast regions of barren sand and desert here on Earth? But just like Moon, Mars and the Heliosphere, terraforming (human-forming?) deserts on Earth will take planning, ideas, people, fabricated intelligences, energy, money and resources. And, like Mars or Moon or vast volumes of the heliosphere, that will mean using clean, safe, reliable atomic fuels, in many places. Deserts, few people, modular nuclear sources?
A long term vision for the Earth and all its humans and related species? It can be modeled and shared. Not hyped and sold and manipulated. A global open financial, social, economic, geophysical, internet, all knowledge, digital twin of a possible future.
What one person might not accomplish, a few hundred millions working globally can accomplish through the Internet. But on Mars and Moon no one has staked a claim and developed it. The future is interesting, if we live long enough to see it.
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Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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