Change to AI now and it might last 1000 years

Zhigang Suo @zhigangsuo Thank you @RichardKCollin2. This textbook results from class notes of a lecture course.

How to integrate artificial intelligence and human intelligence is an important question. This question is not addressed in our book.
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Even if it took you a year or two to make an AI version, it will be one of the first, and might be there for a hundred years. Build it so it is a template for other subjects, and it might change the whole future of the human and AI species. The core abilities for mechanics and thermodynamics covers many Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Computing (STEMC) professions. Add Finance, Government, Communications, Management, Organization, Planning, and other fields — and most all organizations now can switch carefully and slowly.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
Richard K Collins

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