Do not trust company announcements related to the abilities and impact of their “AI” products.

Amazon Web Services @awscloud Amazon Bedrock fuels ARIA’s capabilities.

This #generativeAI virtual assistant from @BrainBoxAi reduces energy use by up to 25% & cuts carbon emissions by 40%.

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#AWS #EarthDay  Replying to @awscloud and @BrainBoxAi


A creative human used that tool, focused the discussion, kept the “AI” on track and helped to write down some ideas. The human had the ideas and years of thinking about the issues and how to frame them. You did not clearly explain what scale of energy use. So it could have been 10 Watt minutes reduced to 6 Watt minutes. The “generativeAI” did NOT work alone, and it used human knowledge from humans, or skimmed from the Internet. I can bet it did not solve any true global issue, because the knowledge of the free Internet is only a tiny tiny portion of what is known. If Amazon used the real human knowledge, it did it illegally. Do not hype software that is labelled “AI”. Check closely where the information is coming from. “Follow the sources” is as valid and useful as “follow the money”.

Please be extremely careful to indicate scale. A wonderful product sold that only helps a few thousand or million humans will not outweigh a systemic lack or failing that affects 8.1 Billion humans and related species. A good idea that works for a small thing or demo is NOT a global open method that helps all humans. A product is always going to be sold for the benefit of a very very few human insiders. The motives are wrong. The focus and attention are wrong.

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