Springer Nature Community Topics have duplicates, Internet recommendations for global AI policies and methods

In fact it looks like many duplicates, many triplicates, two 4x, two 6x and one 10x

I would like to look at your classification scheme overall, as I am indexing topics on the Internet. Are you open to suggestions?

I happen to love nonlinear dynamics but it only needs one. and separate from chaos theory.  Likewise I would not lump diffusion processes and stochastic analysis. And would not limit stochastic analysis to only manifolds. All the ones lumped I would separate and let users query and select and mark their clusters.

I have topics on the internet that combine 20 unique dimensions. And STEMC (add computing) where there are that many unique types of signals.  Yes much is onesy twosy, but dense clusters are emerging globally and some take on pathological form and dissolve or lock into useless forms that cannot easily be changed or moved.

This is the 26th year of  the Internet Foundation. I am writing standards for use of AIs of many sorts as interfaces and guides. With particular emphasis on AIs that can be used for lossless, open and verifiable indexing as well as statistical indexing and statistical word sequence generation. Very tiny changes in global open standards can have dramatic (1000x) impacts now. There are about 5 billion humans using the internet now in some form. And the time wasted is growing constantly.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation


I might use your site as a good “bad example” – There are many worse, but many better. And almist none of the best.  Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
At widest view (25%)  it is still chopped off on the right at https://communities.springernature.com/c/plant-science
At 100%  you wasted a lot of screen space – sacrificing comprehension and use. When people look at many topics, then lists and more compact visualizations are better. Without seeing the whole of you classification, community, purposes and impacts – it is hard to suggest simple changes.  You can let users close the left panel, make that top GIANT banner to an icon. Reduces wasted vertical white on all content entries. Since it is Community and those authors, put them at the top. And group by Nature community (maybe) — Nature MicroBiology, Nature Communications, Nature Plants.

Since Nature is common, Put a unique color and boarder around those “Nature MicroBiology” that indicates NATURE-your group and then just use “MicroBiology”, “Communiation” and such

ALL those buttons “Nature MicroBiology” do NOT HAVE hover text (title) to make them ADA accessible to blind and reduced vision.  You can do that too (hover boxes) for all the people to give a summary. The Twitter(X) hoverboxes for people are small, concise and let you follow or go to their page without losing context. (Sorry my screen clipper is not easy to annotate. or use.)

You are using cell phone methods that do not work well on desktop screens.  Lots of issues. I am just making comments that MANY sites have troubles with. About 4.6 Billion pages or so.And many are generating hard to read and navigate layouts from content databases. And all are made essentially by hand with less editing and care than a paper journal with 300 readers. There are roughly 400 Million active domains. The larger a site, the worse it gets, because departments and individuals, projects and initiatives and innovations come and go and NONE of them have sustainable practices unless they spend a lot of money.

( site:communities.springernature.com ) has 54,800 entry points/pages
( site:springernature.com ) has 388,000 entry points/pages

( site:nih.gov )  has 5.34 Million entry points/pages
( site:loc.gov ) has 22.6 Million entry points/pages


Richard K Collins

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Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

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