Too tired to read Lamb’s Hydrodynamics

Looking at Lamb’s Hydrodynamics and just too tired to go through it all again. Standing there, looking at the familiar problems and concepts, wondering if an AI, somewhere, could read it all and note where things have progressed. Or where there were serious exceptions. All my life I have absorbed knowledge and phenomena, like a sponge – for the future. I cannot afford the time to look for an AI to read it and discuss it with me. I am pretty sure none of the AIs read all the books, and they ought not to have read copyrighted works. I think Google gave up “making all knowledge accessible to the world” – “for the good of all”. I have a copy in my mind, I will just read that for a while. My eyes are too tired to read old faded print. Lamb never stood on the surface of a neutron star, or an infinite graphene sheet. He probably is too busy to help anyway. Those famous guys in heaven forget ordinary people exist at all. Even the people I met are mostly gone now.


Richard K Collins

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