Multispectral Image Sensors using Metasurfaces need to be low cost and accessible

Multispectral Image Sensors using Metasurfaces at

At 23:35 I always get upset because I also have to deal with KiloHertz, Hertz, milliHertz, microHertz, nanoHertz signals from many kinds of sensors used on the Internet. Many of the “gravitational” detectors only work in narrow bands now, but can go up to gamma ray frequencies and down to femtoHertz and smaller. Stop ignoring regional, earth scale and larger problems please. Most every system has changes for days, years, decades, centuries and longer. It is not all about human eyes. In fact less and less so. Maybe it is because I first started using multispectral methods to prevent famine in the 1980s. Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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