One might say “it is classical electrodynamics all the way down.”

Danielle Beckman @DaniBeckman  Radial glia (🔵) in the developing nervous system 😻: Orienting the formation of cortical neuronal layers (🟣) in the mammalian brain! #neuroscience
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Danielle, Thanks!   I was working with an image almost identical to this last night. But I was seeing it in the surface of a neutron star with cavities filled with emerging electron. proton and neutron superfluids. (When they bind with each other pairwise – it gives superfluid. Electron-electron, proton-proton, neutron-neutron. In some cases proton antiproton pairs, and electron positron pairs will bind.). Simple electrodynamic magnetic dipole binding gives good first approximations. It is easier to use than some vague and untraceable “nuclear force”. One might say “it is classical electrodynamics all the way down.” If you heard the turtle story you will know what that means.. And keep track of ions and their pairs.

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