Biomedical engineering – Assistive technology

Nyeli Kratz,

Thank you for your presentation. Many people want to help, and have things to offer, but it takes someone to organize and facilitate. You can do things yourself, or you can help and facilitate, but hard to do both.

You said what you are doing, but not what you want to do.

Chats are impossible. What you need is a website to connect people and create projects that remember what has been learned and what is needed. For the last 25 years I have traced out what groups are doing on the Internet. I said my brother was C2 (quadriplegic on respirator). Up to last summer a friend for two years C4 (quadriplegic, breathing on his own). I know a lot of it but it takes more than wanting to help, because I got as far as I could on my own and then needed help for little things. So if you can facilitate, the whole world will help. If you help them to help.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

“adaptive tech projects” is not a standard term only 8 on the Internet

( “assistive tech projects” OR “”assistive technology projects” ) has 46.1 Million entry points

There are 51 projects tagged with “assistive technology”

Not a single one of those did a basic market analysis to see how many people need those things. Nor did they check to see which groups are tasked to work on them in the world. Nor did they check to see what funding is available.

Richard K Collins

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