One expects ThorLabs to have “thermal imaging microscopes” but they do not


I have been looking at thermal (LWIR) camera sensors lately and came to your ThorLabs site looking for lenses for LWIR.  Then I saw your microscope cameras and wondered if anyone is looking at “thermal imaging microscopes”.  I would think there must be people looking at heat emission from PCBs and components which are small and maybe ones looking at small biological systems which always generate heat.

Any suggestions?

( “thermal imaging microscopes” ) does have 1060 entry points on Google.  With Pembroke Instruments, Optical Mechanics, OptoTherm, Nicolet, CoolingZone, American Institute of Physics,

AIP has a term ( “near field” “thermal” )  with 3.21 Million entry points.

( “nanoscale” “thermal”)  49.2 Million
( “microscale” “thermal”) 5.92 Million
( “microscale” “heat”) 4.73 Million
( “nanoscale” “heat”) 31.3 Million
(“LWIR” (“microscope” OR “microscopy”)) has 137,000
(“thermal” “microscopy”)  89 Million

(“thermal” “microscopy”) “thorlabs”  has 152,000 entry points (one expects such things from Thor)
(“thermal” “microscopy”) has 1610 entry points
(“thermal microscopy” OR “thermal imaging microscopy” ) has 21, many obsolete
I do not have an electron microscope but probably lasers can map at the microscale.  Or “reflective microscope”Visualizing nanoscale heat pathways in composite materials at
National Institute for Materials Science JapanRichard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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