Permanently orbiting multisourced AI clusters to safely monitor remote projects on Moon.

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[#CES2024] Huge autonomous backhoe loader from Hyundai!

#CES #AI #MachineLearning #Robotics

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I was not there. Is this going to Moon to be monitored by a multi-sourced AI cluster in permanent orbit? Too heavy because it is designed for traction by weight, not traction by intelligent force.
Said Moon, not “the Moon”, because we say Mars, not “the Mars”. “Multi-sourced” – independently designed AIs to cross check each other. Monopolies are single points of failure. Checks and balances, checks and multiple checks, backups for the backups.

Xavier Bresson @xbresson
I will give a talk tomorrow 12/1 3:30 pm at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences @NUSingapore for “The Mathematics of Data” program.
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When I first saw “Data Engineering” on the Internet, I should have expected “Data Mathematics”, “Data Technology”, “Data Physics”, “Data Science”, “Data Computing”, “Data Finance”, “Data Governance”, “Data Taxes” and others.

I love Simpson’s Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net.


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