Sites that tell you “We will set any cookies we want and do with them what we want”

Sites that tell you “We will set any cookies we want and do with them what we want. You agree!, don’t you, or this annoying banner won’t go away.”

I was visiting because you sent me an email about this blog. When you challenge people with a cookie banner, you must also give Internet visitors the option to reject all cookies. You also need to say that besides personalization and analytics, whether you are sharing information with advertisers. Have all your staff discuss it, and share their experiences with discourteous things on the Internet.

The blog about transfer functions is not completely wrong, but rather than just talking about it, they should put transfer function methods online in open systems where any Internet user (about 5 billion now) can put in their own data and see the FFT and model residuals by frequency. When you do that you will see that most of your approaches are “closed”, when what is affordable and sustainable is distributed intelligent lossless data methods, and system wide optimization.

Your products and writings are somewhat consistent. They do not engage with potential users to meet their needs, just your company hopes and preferences. You are selling, not listening and helping.  Have your whole staff, down to the least, discuss openly how to improve and be more sensitive to the needs of others.

These are just my personal suggestions, but based on 25 years of looking closely at Internet best and worst practices, and more than 5 decades of constrained optimization for systems from sub-atomic to heliospheric scale. Best wishes.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Richard K Collins

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