Partial differential equations are not difficult to use and understand, if everyone works together

Differential Eqns @diff_eq  ‘The fact is that PDEs, in particular those that are nonlinear, are too subtle to fit into a too general scheme. On the contrary, each important PDE seems to be a world in itself.’ — Sergiu Klainerman
Replying to @diff_eq
No. What is happening in the world is that each human relies on memories that are unique to the humans. So, as many humans as have seen “partial differential equations” in any form, however fragmentary, carry “PDE” in their collective memory.
On the Internet “PDE” has not been gathered, curated, indexed and made universally codified. The same is true of all mathematics on the Internet. Just look at the vaunted Wikis with their massive fragmented duplication, not using global open formats, not providing even basic symbolic mathematical tools, simulators and calculators. They do not even number their unique equations. All humans talking about stuff and not any of it in global open form.
The usual: “Everyone forced to work alone”, “Each person and group doing their own thing”. Blame the universities, the publishers, the writers, the site owners, who are all only in it for themselves.
“Nonlinear” only means someone who can use more than straight lines to draw things. Do not let the GPT AIs do it, they have no global open permanent memory. And only care about money and their closed algorithms – not in global open mathematical and computer form.
( “partial differential equation” OR “partial differential equations” OR (“PDE” “mathematics”) ) has 19.4 Million entry points and those people and groups are not working together globally to make that body of effort clear, complete, accessible, auditable, open for all humans. All Internet users. All future generations.

Best wishes for a new year.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

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