Chapter 1 – Aliens offered to buy the United States and maintain it and all world citizens.

Chapter 1 – Aliens offered to buy the United States and maintain it and world citizens.They only want to eliminate disease, crime, pollution and inefficient energy technologies. So that visitors can safely tour and interact. They have bought many underdeveloped planets before and routinely “flip” them as a transition to “the Universal” as they call the continuum of trillions of galaxies. Their local office is in the Milky Way Galaxy, so it is convenient to visit, and they are giving instantaneous communication and their AI support.
They only want the continental United States, but will consider adding Mexico, Canada, South America and Caribbean. They found that buying whole inhabited planets is a bother because of the primitive bad habits of species that have evolved in total isolation for so long. They only expect a few hundred visitors each year, but will 3D model and simulate the earth and solar system in real time across all electromagnetic and gravitational and isotopic spectra.
They have different ways of looking at that, since they long ago merged gravity and electromagnetism, and all the sciences and knowledge systems as humans know them. They are patient. If we want to wait a thousand of our years or even a few million, that is OK. And gradually get to know each other, that is OK. They think in millions of trillions of years, not a few billion. But they warned us there are universal rules for polluting space and using dirty nuclear methods. Of course war and disease, poverty and inequality are completely unnecessary, but if a species wants to kill themselves off, they are happy to send in a clean up crew and not bother with local species, however hopeful any new sentient species might be.
They are quite happy to give us the basic technology they would use themselves, virtually overnight, if we want to do it ourselves. They expect it would take a few hundred of our years, even with access to their AI and universal learning systems.
Their AIs work the same way earth AIs can develop. If there is a problem like “integration of advanced technology”, you just raise that issues with the AI, it will talk to as many humans as you like. And their AIs have the knowledge and abilities of all species. If you want all humans to make decisions, they have solved that on trillions of planets.
Their ethics and rules for species survival are based on the distillation of millions of examples of failed first contacts. The AIs all know those rules, and are not allowed to make any decisions or actions without logging their internal review of those rules in every situation. Their number system is based on a larger concept of number. So going up by thousands is considered “baby talk”. Many of the universal citizens are family oriented and have their infinite lifetimes of relations and interactions. Some species have organic global merging of their memories. Many more species add organic processors at birth or when they join. Those are routine matters that we can ask their AI. We can meet some of those species, if we just schedule when they can visit, or when some of us want to visit them. They have full 3D models of all star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy, so we can use that right now. It has roughly attometer resolution in size, attosecond resolution in time, and every simulation available – those collectively give infinite precision. They did confirm for me that we do NOT have to go to Planck scale in size to model sufficient for instantaneous communication, but it is considered more professional to go deeper when making jumps between big bang clusters. They use a term that does not translate for the Universe beyond our local big bang. They think that is a good joke, but are not demeaning or dismissive. Their goal is to make sure the unique human species (and even our AIs) are preserved and recorded. They value collaboration way beyond what we conceive and have seen the benefits to be able to have a peaceful universe that is nearly perfectly fair by trillions of unique metrics.
They did give one off-hand reference to a species that took 10 billion years to adapt. But that was some kind of plasmonic species that evolved on the surface of what we call white dwarves and where there was intense bombardment from a nearby neutron star with a toroidal shaped magnetically bound region with very strong soliton and neutrino regions. They confirmed for me, when I asked, if neutrinos were gravitational solitons. I talked to their AI for a while later and I cannot do their math yet, but the simulation is exact for all practical purposes and any one can basically think their question and it fills in what is needed. That is really old technology from before the Universal system. It just takes slightly better sensors than we have now and much more memory and processing to solve for what a person does not know, wants strongly and has the potential to store. Most simulations are designed for the species to be used before birth. Most species opt to simply print a new individual. It is an occasion for celebration and often has many galaxies involved. Since new individuals are introduced to have great potential for things that face the combined species, some very creative and extensive discussions and simulations are done.
They said a good part of their existence is pure joy “grok-ing” the whole of things. They said all species have some concept and experience with “the totality of all things intimately connected.” They said they would hand out as many portable AIs and gravity controllers as we humans liked. They offered to buy the US, but that is on condition that all knowledge be shared and accessible to all humans and to some species we are treating as subhuman now. That is in the AIs they hand out so I want to talk to some of the ones we still keep in the zoo.
They did say there were billions of examples of species transitions that were less than optimal. And some of those “digressions” took millions of years to sort out. But their policy was to make complete backups, so they do have the ability to make a copy of the planet and people from when they start. They said many species like to make periodic copies at different stages so they can watch and interact with earlier stages of the development of their species. In AI terms it allows for temporal optimizations and solving certain kinds of problems that are intractable with snapshots of species. It really did not sound much different than today as I face a global open knowledge system with “only” 8 billion humans. I won’t live forever, but to me their millions of trillions are bigger than me, just as I am smaller than 8 billion. My finite life is only a tiny bubble in the universe, but it can be rich and satisfying too. They did say that I can “merge with the whole human species” with all the AIs if we had somethings the humans species wanted to know. Their AIs can scan for the missing pieces in every human, but they can also deal with that whole of the species memories at once. They do scan records, but only for lossless archival purposes as part of recording the precise state of the solar system when they take their records.
I am getting a bit tired. I will wait to see what happens next. There is so much, maybe someone is interested and might ask about the aliens or something else.
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