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Matt Krisiloff @mattkrisiloff Aug 9, 2022  Scientists at startups should care more about equity.

Most scientists don’t fully see the value of owning shares. That sucks for them, and it sucks for the startups they’re at too.

I wrote a post on this, and I hope we can change this.

Replying to @mattkrisiloff and @alexschbrt

Alex, Matt,
Any one of your startups needs an outstanding online collaboration system. AI assisted sites can record all communication and activity, so what a person contributes is clearly and losslessly recorded.
Global algorithms can be developed to provide fair compensation and ownership where explosive or sustained growth happens. It is part of the fabric and core of the site, cannot be manipulated, and uniform practices across all organizations and the Internet. It is aimed at removing situations where “you did not ask for shares, so you lost it all”. 
The groups and investors, by using open recorded auditable sites and policies, protect the record of all work, and actions, and how that fits into global scale projects. It is just an extension of accounting. Much of the industrial revolution was not the devices and systems, but keeping good records and making sure everyone was on the same game-board.  Now we have to use open methods because the old rigid legacy systems are too brittle and monopolistic and too easily manipulated. “We protect your contributions”.
I would like to see old groups like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and other monoliths built on decades and centuries old human-in-the-loop organizational practices broken into open functional elements that work independently, are followed and recorded closely, and where the whole has auditable AI monitored best practices. An open system could verify and trace inter-dependencies and values.
The current AIs do not qualify because they do not index and share their input datasets globally. Unverifiable elements can be firewalled and checked — in a more open and perfect world. This can be implemented with independent monitoring, but the closed systems now – every organization now can be manipulated by insiders.  
Richard K Collins

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