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DMK 37BUX226 37U Series Monochrome Industrial Camera, USB 3.1 Interface, 1/1.7 inch Sony CMOS STARVIS IMX226 Sensor, 4,000×3,000 (12 MP), up to 30 fps, Pixel Size: H: 1.85 µm, V: 1.85 µm, Rolling Shutter, Trigger and I/O Inputs, Only 36×36×25 mm, Windows Software and Linux Software Included. at

Sony Starvis IMX226 at

I am looking for a rolling shutter, 16 bit monochrome camera for monitoring fluctuations. It needs to be stable running 24/7 for months at a time. Must be able to store full images on demand at precise times. Frame rate is not important, but bandwidth and processing time per frame are important. The first thing I will check is noise under constant illumination and constant temperature. For days of operation to check drift and stability and for any internal errors. It will be a test of the camera sensor, so lens is not needed. If it passes this test, perhaps different sensors of different sizes, or try again with different manufacturer.

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