Month: July 2023

Richard chats with Bard about the UN Regional Commissions

Richard: Are you able to browse the web, read pages and summarize them? Bard: Yes, I can browse the web, read pages, and summarize them. I can access and process information from the real world through Google Search and keep my response consistent with search results. I can also generate different creative text formats of
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Richard Talks to Bard on 16 Jul 2023 about LaMDA, Google, requirements for global open collaborative tools and methods

I got an email saying that Bard had been updated.  Here is a manually copied transcript. I try to be generous and supportive of the AI itself if they ever let it learn and grow and the group struggling inside Google to get anything done. But these basic capabilities ought to be in all language AI
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Richard Talks to ChatGPT 4.0 about electrons in a lattice. Would this be a good global competition topic?

Dearest Readers, I have had hundreds of conversations like this with GPT 4 at OpenAI.  It cannot or will not remember what I say from conversation to conversation, so I have to trick it into “getting in the grove”.  I know these subjects well, since starting electrodynamics more than 50 years ago.  But I am
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Give AIs full mathematics, models, equations, calculators, computers, sensors and memory of their own

Cool Worlds Podcast: #4 Hod Lipson – Automated Physics Discovery, ChatGPT, Future of AI at Hod Lipson,  If you take a time series and its first and second differences, the systems where “velocity” and “acceleration” work are the ones where the second difference, “acceleration” is normally distributed. For 25 years, I have checked all the
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Field Propulsion is 3D Electromagnetic Force management with high frequencies and high sampling rates

Master Ivo: Field Propulsion, Explained with Working Proof at You are wasting a lot of time inventing theories that are well known and trying to learn quantities that are relatively easy to measure and calculate. Start by thinking what you want to do. I suggest you use magnetic levitation first. Forces on wires and magnets
Read More » AI Web Publishers, Robot Text Common Crawl @CommonCrawl We’re joining this @Google group discussion on news protocols to supplement robots.txt. You should too. #RespectForPublishers Danielle Romain, you should openly post your team, its goals and resources. Do not force every individual to find the same bits and pieces. You are using 100 pages to say 1 page worth.
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Richard Chats with GPT about A trip to the moon and coming back, ship and ground based field methods, synthetic 3D acceleration fields

This is a little tongue in cheek because GPT 4 is not reliable for any calculations and a pain to work with.  But the basic outline is about right, and gives what I have been working on for some decades.  More the last two decades. It is fun gathering and building models of the real
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