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Content Sources, Local viewers and editors, Boxes and Layouts, Internet and Human Purpose

Nate, Thanks for treating this seriously. Rather than “redesign our website” which often entails long discussions and personal likes and dislikes. Focus on “text”, “images”, “videos”, “tables”, “sharing with attachments and messages”, “schedules” and other content specific editors, viewers, tools and layouts. But put them into rectangular boxes you can move, resize, minimize, normal size,
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Musing about a video of a beautiful scene in Colorado

Richard K Collins That place call for a live 4K stream on YouTube. I found more than a thousand such 24/7 videos. Besides scenery, vistas, activity and seasons. During the day, clouds, animals, and weather. During the night stars, planets, moon, comets, satellites, more weather. With links it becomes a vivid advertisement. With links to
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Comment on Climate Change video from TED

Watch the 2021 TED Countdown Global Livestream | Take action on climate change So now TED is an entertainment channel? There used to be some thought and effort. But now it is all click bait. 2:35:16? Where is your data and models? All talk. There are 150,848 views at 5:00 am 31 Oct 2021
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Comment on the true cost of electric vehicles – wasted time by not sharing models and data

Tesla vs Gas: TRUE Charging Cost After 75,000 Miles at 75,000 miles/28 miles per gallon equivalent = 2,679 gallon gas equivalent 2679 gge * (33.7 KWH/gge) = 90,282 KWH at 100% efficiency 90,283/0.92 efficiency = 98133 KWH purchased 98133 KWH * 0.0798 $/KWH = $6948 But he says $1400. His miles per gallon seems
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Comment on Hubble vs Amateur Astrophotography

Hubble vs. Amateur Astrophotographer (27 Aug 2021) at I had to look a bit, but eventually found a description of the camera and exposure for that original image of “Pillars of Creation” at with more detail at then some images at Like usual, Hubble media people dominate sharing on their site,
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Comment on new directions in Ethnography

Last decade in enthnographic research? You might want to search these topic areas, where there is very rapid growth: “ethnography” “quantitative” “models” has 3.2 Million entry points (Google, 24 Oct 2021)   “quantitative ethnography” with 12,000 entry points   “ethnography” “social media” with 6.68 Million entry points   “ethnography” (“simulations” OR “simulation”) with 7.9 Million
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Comment on Nature video seen by more than 14 Million viewers, but no follow up or community building

Have you ever seen an atom? at Many people have viewed this video, but you are not keeping it up to date. It is 23 Oct 2021 and it shows 14,208,628 views. The video is 151 seconds. If everyone watched the whole thing, that is over 68 years of viewing. The value of human time
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Jimmy Wales thanked me for my donation to support the current Wikipedia. Here is what I wrote back

Jimmy, I would like to make some specific recommendation for upgrading wikipedia to be more useful globally. But I doubt your organization is set up so that a “reply to a message from the founder” ever gets read and treated seriously. My time and skills are far more valuable than any money donation. But only
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Self reproducing robot societies that live in the desert and convert sunlight to cities

I have had deserts on my mind a lot over the last few decades.  All during the 1980’s I worked on populations forecasts and issues in Africa, then the Famine Early Warning Systems (, then global climate change.  I sort of keep up with any efforts to turn those vast areas into something more suitable
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Comment on “Ion Engine 2.0” – many people interested, and posting things, but not working together globally

Ion Engine 2.0 at (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 574,000 entry points (Google, 9 Oct 2021) (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 310 entry points (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 141,000 entry points And they are not all working together globally. Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation